Lifeboat and liferaft equipment

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  • Plastic whistle

    Plastic whistle

    ISSA CODE N. 47.021.00

    IMPA CODE N. 330252

    Cod. L0171B
    Plastic whistle with nylon cord.

    Cod. L0171A
    Plastic whistle withouth nylon cord.

  • Searching light med approved

    Searching light med approved

    IMPA CODE N. 330264

    Cod. L0620M
    Projector approved Solas 74/83 – MED 12V 50W

    Cod. L0620N
    Projector approved Solas 74/83 – MED 12V 50W

  • Seasickness tablets

    Seasickness tablets

    IMPA CODE N. 330247

    Cod. L2003A
    In watertight tube. 6 persons (36 tablets).
    Cod. L2003B
    In watertight tube. 10 persons (60 tablets).
    Cod. L2003C
    In watertight tube. 12 persons (72 tablets).
    Cod. L2003D
    In watertight tube. 16 persons (96 tablets)
    Cod. L2003E
    In watertight tube. 20 persons (120 tablets).
    Cod. L2003F
    In watertight tube. 25 persons (150 tablets).

    Cod. L2003S
    Vomiting bags.

  • Steering and rowing oars

    Steering and rowing oars

    IMPA CODE N. 330284

    Cod. L2012
    rowing oar mt.3
    Cod. L2012A
    rowing and steering oar mt. 3,5
    Cod. L2012B
    rowing and steering oar mt. 4
    Cod. L2012C
    rowing and steering oar mt. 4,5
    Cod. L2012D
    steering oar mt. 5


  • Steering and rowing rowlocks

    Steering and rowing rowlocks

    IMPA CODE N. 330286

    Cod. L2013A
    diam. 16 mm. rowing rowlock
    Cod. L2013B
    diam. 18 mm. rowing rowlock
    Cod. L2013C
    diam. 16 mm. steering rowlock
    Cod. L2013D
    diam. 18 mm. steering rowlock

  • Storage battery 12/24v

    Storage battery 12/24v

    IMPA CODE N: 330644 – 330647

    Cod. L0616E01
    12V battery

    Cod. L0616E02
    24V battery

  • Stretcher basket type

    Stretcher basket type

    IMPA CODE N. 391391

    Cod. L0702A
    Made in fiberglass withouth lifting ropes
    Cod. L0702A1
    Lifting rope for basket stretcher

  • Survival manual

    Survival manual

    IMPA CODE N: 330256

    Cod. 1065M01

    Lifeboats survival manual

  • Thermal protective aid

    Thermal protective aid

    ISSA CODE: N. 47.015.01
    330177 (U.K. DOT)

    IMPA CODE N: 330177

    Cod. L0190D
    Approved as per Solas ‘74(83) and in conformity with the E.C. 96/98 directive (Ship Wheel).

Showing 37–45 of 49 results