Lifeboat and liferaft equipment

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  • Bress boat hook

    Bress boat hook

    IMPA CODE N. 330285

    Cod. L0729P1
    Hook without pole, polish brass

  • Buckets


    IMPA CODE N. 174122
    Cod. L0720D
    plastic bucket

    IMPA CODE N. 330209
    Cod. L0720A
    canvas bucket capacity 10 lt.

    IMPA CODE N. 174127
    Cod. L0720B
    galvanized bucket

    IMPA CODE N. 590611
    Cod. L0720E
    spark-proof neoprene bucket

  • C661 Cianocrilato univers. paste

    C661 Cianocrilato univers. paste

    Cod. L4001A
    Paste metals, metals/rubber, metals/plastics, rubber/plastics, miscellaneous plastics, ceramics, porcelain, glass and leather, in the most disparate applications. Rapid drying 2-3 “hardens at room temperature due to the effect of air humidity (optimal R.H.: 40-70%). Size of 20 ml.

  • Daylight signalling mirror

    Daylight signalling mirror

    ISSA CODE N. 47.010.03

    IMPA CODE N. 330271

    Cod. L0732A
    Day light signalling heliographic mirror.

  • Dipper


    IMPA CODE N. 330210

    Cod. L0739A
    GRADUATED PLASTIC drinking cup.

    Cod. L0738B
    IMPA CODE N. 330241
    STAINLESS STEEL water dipper

    IMPA CODE N. 33024
    Cod. L0739B
    water dipper for LIFERAFTS 50 ml


  • Distress kit lifeboat / raft p.W.

    Distress kit lifeboat/raft p.W.

    ISSA CODE N. 47.062.01

    IMPA CODE N. 330336

    Cod. L0108C
    6 handflares; 4 parachute rockets; 2 buoyant smoke signal in water-tight container, Pains Wessex Schermuly type.

    Cod. L0108D
    6 handflares; 4 parachute rockets; 2 buoyant smoke signal in Water-tight container, Italian production type.

    Cod. L0107G
    set of 6 signals to 2 red stars. Italian production


  • European first aid kit

    European first aid kit

    IMPA CODE N. 330245 – 330246

    Cod. L0704V
    Complies with EEC directive 92/29. U.K. MCA/D.O.T. approved for use in lifeboats and liferafts.

  • Fiberglass repairs kit

    Fiberglass repairs kit

    IMPA CODE N: 330277

    Cod. L2113

  • Fishing kit

    Fishing kit

    ISSA CODE N. 47.029.01

    IMPA CODE N. 330254

    Cod. L0737A
    Fishing kit for lifeboat/liferaft.

Showing 10–18 of 49 results