Fire equipment and safety

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  • Crowbar


    IMPA CODE N. 612886
    Cod. L0760A
    Steel made from 120 cm. (lenght)


  • Defibrillator


    IMPA CODE N. 391501

    Cod. L0707A

    Clinically advanced but easy to carry and use, it is designed so that anyone, from the skilled rescuer to the emergency professional, can save a life, in any location and condition. Easy of use: 2 buttons (on/off and discharge); Visual and voice commands. Weight 1.1 kg (cartridge). Size: 20 cm x 18.4 cm x 4.8 cm (cartridge)

  • Dielectric safety helmet

    Dielectric safety helmet

    IMPA CODE N. 310301
    Cod. L2040
    Safety dielectric helmet. E.N. 397

  • Dust mask

    Dust mask

    IMPA CODE N. 331128
    Cod. L0764D
    Protect against non toxic dust powders and spray particles.

  • Ear protectors

    Ear protectors

    IMPA CODE N. 331156
    Cod. L2040H
    CE E.N. 352 approved

  • Earpices goggles

    Earpices goggles

    IMPA CODE N. 311051 (clear lens), 311052 (grey lens)
    Cod. L2040M
    Monobloc polycarbonate glasses E.N. 166/170,
    ANSI Z87+, available with dark lens.

  • EEBD escape breathing apparatus

    EEBD escape breathing apparatus

    IMPA CODE N. 330438

    Complete with: 3 liter x 200 bar air cylinder, straps, nozzle. Approved type.

    Cod. L0751I
    Life 15 minutes, DRAEGER PAS-LITE model

    Cod. L0751S
    Life 15 minutes, Sk 1203 SPASCIANI model

    Cod. L0751H
    Life 30 minutes, M20 OCENCO model


  • Electrician’s tool set

    Electrician’s tool set

    IMPA CODE N. 613696
    Cod. L0758A

    Composed by: 3 screwdriver, 1 pliers, 1 scissors,1 phase detector, 1 rubber gloves 5000 V., 1 tape.


  • Emergency eye wash stand type

    Emergency eye wash stand type

    IMPA CODE N. 560612

    Cod. L0768B

    Life 15 minutes Salt/isotonic solution water.

Showing 19–27 of 91 results