Distress signal

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  • Electronic marine whistle

    Electronic marine whistle for ship up to 20 mt.

    IMPA CODE N. 370187

    Cod. L0746A
    12/24 V.

  • Electronic megaphone

    Electronic megaphone

    IMPA CODE N. 795701

    Cod. L701B

    Range m. 1000.

  • Explosion proof flash light ex 250/y sa

    Explosion proof flash light ex 250/y sa equipment

    Cod. L0602E

    Flashlight 2 cells type A, luminous intensity 3300 lux at 1m

    Weight kg. 0.23
    Complete with 2 spare bulbs inside the cap
    Safety approved:
    ATEX II 2 G D T80°C EEX eib IIc T4

  • Explosion proof led flash light ex 150 sa

    Explosion proof led flash light ex 150 sa equipment

    Cod. L0602G

    Flashlight 4 cells type AAA,led, dust-proof and water-resistant. Intelligent light sensor. Pene-trating light beam.
    Weight kg. 0,145
    Safety approved:
    ATEX GAS Zones 0, 1 and 2, Gas Groups II


  • Explosion proof rechargeable lamp

    Explosion proof rechargeable lamp h-251mk2 Wolflite

    IMPA CODE N. 330608
    Cod. L0616M

    Rechargeable safety handlamp, 4/5 hrs light duration, luminous intensity 80 lumens.
    Weight kg. 1.5 (with batteries).
    Battery Charged In-ternally. Type of Protection “e” increased safety, “s” special protection.
    Safety approved:
    ATEX GAS Zones 1 and 2, Gas Groups IIA, IIB, IIC


  • Fflam flashlight

    Fflam flashlight

    IMPA CODE N: 330261
    Cod. L0600T

    Compact SOLAS approved rubberised signalling torch. A strong waterproof rubberised
    coating protects this torch from all of the elements.
    Designed for life rafts and lifeboats.
    Morse code signalling button. Long life LED successfully undergone immersion tests and 36 meter liferaft drop test
    Size: 15.5 x 4.5cm (6 x 1.7”).
    Weight: 295g
    (10.4oz). Batteries 2 x “C” cell.

  • Fog horn

    Fog horn

    IMPA CODE N. 370101 – 370102 – 370103

    Cod. L0741A
    With piston, brass type.

  • Handsmoke


    Cod. S0115A

    Orange smoke signal 2 minutes life

  • International code

    International code

    Cod. 01CI + material ref + size

    Number of 40 flags kit, international code components (consisting of 26 letters, 10 numerals from 0 to 9, n. 3 pennants and retransmitters 1 brush “intelligence”) in different sizes and materials. Adding to the base code references for size and material you obtain as required.

    pdf-small Codes table

Showing 28–36 of 62 results