orione 150n salvagente

Infatable Lifejacket Orione 150

Solas Infatable Lifejacket Standard Orione 150

330141 (H.K.), 330140 (U.K.DOT)

Buoyancy 150 N
1x gr. 33 CO2 cylinder.
weight kg. 1,1

Product Description


The particular design thanks to the smallest dimensions and the great dressability is the ideal in order to work in emergency
Size: adult kg. 43 or more and height cm. 155 or more. Cover in Cordura. Buoyancy through a chamber in Nylon PU-coated welded. Double compartment splitted by a PU membrane. Twin camber. Accessories: spray hood and thigh straps KIT. Approved according Solas ‘74(83) in accordance with MSC (81/70) as amended MSC (200) 80 Resolution 207(81) MED A.1/1.4.

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